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Founder headshot of Dan McGuire

Dan McGuire is serial entrepreneur, inventor, patent holder, and scientist. Through his research, he developed an easy way to lose weight and optimize heath through a revolutionary new way to consume food. His motivation came from an experience all too common in today's world - his doctor told him that he was on his way to an early grave if he did not change the way he ate. 

Daniel McGuire - CEO & Founder

Obese and Sick

Dan had just turned 40 years old and was due for a general medical examination.


His doctor found that his health was in severe decline – he weighed 240 pounds, which is a BMI of 30.6 and thus obese according to the CDC; his hemoglobin A1c levels indicated that he was pre-diabetic; his high blood pressure put him at stage 2 hypertension; and he had dangerously elevated levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides.

After trying and failing different diets he began looking into the specific mechanisms and chemical processes that make people hungry. Thinking completely out of the box, Dan started experimenting with a new pill-based methodology for consuming plant-based foods.

Through his research, he discovered that the process of freeze-drying vegetables removed 99% of the water. Grinding them into a powder further reduced the volume. He then found the optimal size pill/capsule, and began calculating the quantity of "vegetable" pills he would need to consume each day to reach the daily recommended servings.

Once he started taking his vegetable pills, he noticed he was less hungry. So he started researching the different mechanisms and chemical interactions that cause hunger, and how he could avoid triggering them. This is when he discovered the 8 hunger triggers, and around this time, it all started coming together. 

Founder Dan at his heaviest weight, picture side view
Founder Dan at his heaviest weight, picture front view

Research, experiment, test, refine, repeat...

Dan started taking a lot more food pills, over 400 pills a day, and tried all sorts of different food combinations... and he started to lose weight.


He kept his doctor informed of his progress, and was able to lose 17 lbs. (240 lbs down to 223 lbs) during this experimental phase. Once he realized it was working, he decided to go all in:  he was going to live off of only food pills for the next 8 weeks.

His doctor recommended doing additional blood work after 2 weeks, which Dan did, and results looked positive. His doctor gave him the green light to continue. 

Dan lost an average of 5.87 lbs. every week for the 8 weeks. He documented everything and did 3D body scans every 2 weeks, before after of Vo2 max tests, Dexascans, and resting metabolic rates. 

Perhaps the most important result of the 8-week experiment came with the final blood work conducted by his doctor.  Dan had successfully lowered his blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides levels, and he was no longer pre-diabetic.

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Cholesterol 232 before 154 after, Triglyceride 152 before 42 after graphic chart

In terms of total cholesterol, Dan was at 232 miligrams per deciliter. The normal range is from 100 to 199 miligrams per deciliter. After the Food Pill Diet, Dan is now at 154, well within the normal range. For triglycerides, Dan was at 152, although he should have been below 140. After the Food Pill Diet, he’s now at 45.

Hemoglobin 5.7% before 5.3% after & Blood Pressure 142 over 105 before & 109 over 71 after graphic

Hemoglobin A1c is a form of hemoglobin that is measured to identify the three-month average plasma glucose concentration. The Dan was at 5.7%. The normal range is from 4.8% to 5.6%. Pre-diabetes is from 5.7 to 6.4%, which placed Dan right on the margin of being pre-diabetic.


Regarding his blood pressure, his Systolic Pressure was at 141 millimeters of mercury. You want you want to be above 90 and less than120. For his diastolic pressure, he came in at 109 millimeters of mercury. Ideally he would have wanted to be above 60 and less than 80. These numbers indicated that Dan had Stage 2 Hypertension. After the Food Pill Diet, Dan's blood pressure is 105 over 71. Not bad for an Irish guy from Boston.

LDL 148 before & 87 after and Thyroid .864 before 7 .0468 after graphic

For bad cholesterol, or low density lipoprotein, Dan was at 148 miligrams per deciliter. The normal range is from 100 to 199 miligrams per deciliter. After the Food Pill Diet, Dan is now at 87, within the normal range.

For his TSH levels, which is your Thyroid-stimulating hormone, he went from 0.864 milliunits per liter to 0.468 milliunits per liter. This means during the measurement period his metabolism actually sped up, which is quite the opposite of what most diets do.

The Results Are In!

Each week over the next 8 weeks, he lost an average of 5.87 lbs. per week (47 lbs total), allowing him to go from 223 lbs to his goal weight of 175 lbs. – which is considered a healthy Body Mass Index by the CDC.

Significantly, it was not only his weight that improved – indeed, his blood tests revealed that other important health indicators improved substantially as well. For example, his total cholesterol went from 232 mg/dL, which is well over the normal range, back down to a healthy 154 mg/dL. His hemoglobin A1c levels which were previously in the pre-diabetic range, are now at healthy levels. His blood pressure, which put him at stage 2 hypertension, has come significantly down as well to a normal level.

Losing 65 lbs., and reaching a healthy BMI as defined by the CDC, makes a huge difference and literally makes Dan look and feel years younger and now wants to help others achieve their goals.

8 week progress report of 3D body scans in 2 week increments with front and side views
8 week progress report summary of losing 47 lbs and 9.2% body fat & gained 9.2% fat-free mass
8 week progress report chart of different body parts losing volume
8 week progress report top down view of shape of body before diet & now shape of body after diet
8 week progress chart of weight and body fat loss
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